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Sharing the gospel with your children

According to my baby book I officially prayed the sinner's prayer at 2 years and 8 months. Although God's work started very early in my life it wasn't until I was 21 years of age that God gave me a new heart.  Things have been radically different since that day.

Full disclosure. I don't believe people get saved simply because they say the sinner's prayer. If there is no long term fruit displayed by following in the footsteps of Jesus,  there is no reason to believe that person is saved, regardless of how sincere their original profession of faith. There are far too many people/parents who take comfort in the fact that someone said the sinner's prayer even though the Holy Spirit seems absent from their lives. Although this may give us personal comfort, the other person could be in mortal danger. Now, as a parent, I want nothing more than my children to have faith in Jesus Christ. I don't want them to rebel against God like I did, I want them to trust in Jesu…