Christians: Out-of-Work

Many professions will soon not be available for Christians who want to maintain a good conscience before God. The Ontario Divisional Court gave the blue print for how this is going to happen in Canada.
Yesterday the Ontario Divisional Court ruled[1] that Ontario doctors must refer patients for all procedures and drugs, including abortion and assisted suicide, even if they conscientiously object. The Court held that “equitable access” to health care services is of “sufficient importance to warrant overriding” the right of religious freedom.
This court essentially made it so that any conscientious Christian can no longer work in areas of medicine which have any relationship to killing children. This is not surprising given the current trajectory of our government, but it is frightening that there was no substantial coverage (if any) in the mainstream media.

The frustrating part about these kinds of decisions is that they are pure hypocrisy. Secularism may not be classified as a religion but it is a worldview, just like every other worldview that is classified as a religion. The fact of the matter is that the government is forcing its own religion onto us but making it seem like they are being objective. In Canada, there is no law on killing children and there is no right for women to make this decision. The impression that this is the case is totally the fabrication of our political leaders and has never been tested by the will of the people. Unlike our neighbours to the south, we have had no substantial political debate due to the cowardice of our governments.

Canada was built on a Christian worldview, which unlike secularism can allow for different perspectives and does not need to enforce its views. Secularism has no foundation for conscience, morals, love, or anything else. It has no way to include other ideas because it has no foundation for its own. The main tenet of secularism is the separation of church and state, which like atheism (its natural belief system) is a parasite of other ideas. Anybody can be a critic, but coming up with your own ideas is a totally different story. The concept that nobody should force somebody to believe something against their will is actually Christian. Christianity teaches that belief comes through faith, and not through force. The only thing secularism understands is power. Whoever has power can make the rules, as we are seeing once again in this ruling.

Our governments insistence on post-modern secularism, if successful, will inevitably end in totalitarianism. Post-modernism is essentially a mask for marxism which has the dubious distinction of one of the most lethal ideas of all of modernity with over 100 million deaths to its name. Christians need to take note these inconspicuous headlines because there is much more at stake below the surface.


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