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Christians: Out-of-Work

Many professions will soon not be available for Christians who want to maintain a good conscience before God. The Ontario Divisional Court gave the blue print for how this is going to happen in Canada.
Yesterday the Ontario Divisional Court ruled[1] that Ontario doctors must refer patients for all procedures and drugs, including abortion and assisted suicide, even if they conscientiously object. The Court held that “equitable access” to health care services is of “sufficient importance to warrant overriding” the right of religious freedom. This court essentially made it so that any conscientious Christian can no longer work in areas of medicine which have any relationship to killing children. This is not surprising given the current trajectory of our government, but it is frightening that there was no substantial coverage (if any) in the mainstream media.

The frustrating part about these kinds of decisions is that they are pure hypocrisy. Secularism may not be classified as a religion…