Grace or Apathy

This summer has been full of the usual business but two situations have caused me to wonder at the state of my heart. The first situation involves someone killing their baby and the other sexual assault of a vulnerable child. In both cases the criminal has claimed the forgiveness of God and expressed repentance and desire continued fellowship in the church.

Part of me wants nothing to do with them, but the other part wants to know if I should be extending them forgiveness of some kind. Biblically speaking they both deserve death for their actions (Gen. 9:6, Deut. 22:25-27), but they both will get off with far less than that. Since killing a baby is not considered a crime that person will receive no punishment from the state, and since a statement of repentance is all that is needed to convince Christians of remorse there will be no further consequences from the church or their friends. The person involved in the assault has been punished by the state and similar to other one who stated their repentance there will be no further consequences from the church or their friends.

Reflecting on these situations has led me to believe that the church no longer takes sin seriously. The grace that seems to be extended in the Western church is really just apathy towards sin that doesn't affect us personally. Even the state demonstrates more understanding of sin than the church where there are real consequences not just the requirement of a statement and show of contrition. Christians don't seem to understand the evil of sin and its consequences. Sadly, I myself fall into this category. In my heart I don't have the proper revulsion at sin.

To be continued...


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