How to live on the Animal Farm

The 24x7 news cycle about American politics is rather tiresome. Unfortunately, like a car accident at the side of the road it is hard not to look. What is becoming increasingly clear is the polarization between the left and the right is quite large and growing. This gap is due in large part because people do not bother to get the facts, insist on making the most divisive issues the central issues, and make everything political. The scary part, which I keep bringing up, is this ultimately will end in violence. As Christians we should do our best not to be part of the problem.

As I discussed in my last post, Christians should listen and attempt to understand the different aspects of any issue. If you are posting articles about Trump's immigration executive order and you have not read the order itself, you shouldn't be posting. The blanket statements of most media outlets are rarely correct and need some qualification. Conceding certain points of an argument does not mean you agree with your opponent, it means you are listening.

As someone who believes in the sanctity of human life, the killing of 60 million babies trumps all other considerations. If you are going to force me to choose between that and a woman's choice (a false dichotomy), a great economy or social programs, human life will win every time, even though it would be possible for me to agree or to agree to disagree on 90% of the other issues. It is kind of like making an agreement to build a hospital on the condition that you sacrifice your child. Why can't we just agree to build the hospital? It is important that we don't take an all or nothing approach to controversial situations. Certain situation may require it, like protecting human life, but other situations, such as oil pipelines, can be negotiated. It is impossible for millions of people to be in complete agreement with each other.

In the current political climate corporations have become political. Almost anything you buy these days could become a political statement. This corporate behaviour has more in common with gangs than social responsibility. The problem is that it breeds an us against them mentality and leaves no room for nuance. Christians need to be careful not to support corporations that are political.

Governments are never perfect, but throwing out Mr. Jones will end in disaster.


  1. I had put off reading any of George Orwell's books, but the amount that he is getting referenced these days will likely cause me to start soon.

  2. It is especially interesting how both sides of the divide are reading 1984, since the main concepts, such as, Big Brother, Room 101, Thought Police, thoughtcrime, unperson, memory hole, doublethink, Newspeak, etc... seem more consistently applied to the totalitarian inclination of the Left. I would also recommend reading some of the Russian authors like Solzhenitsyn, Tolstoy, and Dostoyevksy. Their insights into the current climate are very helpful.


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