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Worldviews - Part 2

This is a six part series on worldviews by guest blogger Frank Allan. WorldviewsThe windows through which we interpret the meaning of our lives Part 2. The Two Main Competing Worldviews in Western Democracies The main difference between Christian Theism and Atheism is that the theist believes that there is a personal God that interacts with the world He created. God desires a relationship with His creation. He has followed an incredible plan to make it happen. The atheist, on the other hand, does not believe in God. He believes that all religion is myth. Matter and energy is all there is. Other worldviews may incorporated gods in their worldviews but they are all gods within the cosmos, not external to it. Many years ago, I sat in the audience as a person explained to a student group, at Carleton University, his search for truth. He had traveled around the world looking at and considering all the world religions and their truth claims. He had come back to Christianity because, in his w…

He is not a Tame Lion

I recently gave a talk to a youth group at a Narnia themed event. Here is a summary of the talk.
He is not a Tame Lion
Course he isn't safe. But he's good. He's the King, I tell you.
The reason so many people do not follow Jesus is because their vision of Him is too small. We have made God in our own image and we wonder why we are not interested. God cannot be tamed and He is not safe! But He is good. He’s the King.

He is Great
The estimated diameter of the universe is 93 billion light years.  The speed of light is roughly 300 000 km/s. Travelling at this speed it would take 1.3 seconds to travel to the moon.In 1 light year you could travel 10 trillion kilometres.A million seconds is 12 days.A billion seconds is 31 years.A trillion seconds is 31,688 years. God is so great we can't even understand how great He is. In the same way these numbers stagger our mind, so should God's greatness. His greatness is beyond comprehension.
There are approximately 37.2 trillion cells …

Worldviews - Part 1

This is a six part series on worldviews by guest blogger Frank Allan.

Worldviews The windows through which we interpret the meaning of our lives Part 1. What is a Worldview? All of us have a view point from which we interpret our experiences of life. We have a view of the world by which we derive meaning and significance. A worldview is a set of assumptions that we consciously or unconsciously believe about the makeup of our world. We all believe that something exists, but the question is, what is that something? What is the ultimate reality? What is our worldview?

This is a fundamental question of life, yet it is often avoided. Silence often ensues in a group when the topic is raised. Why? Are we threatened by what think might be the answer or, is it because we have never thought deeply about it and are embarrassed that we cannot enter into the discussion? Many people do not bring their worldviews into critical focus.

Whether you believe in God, are an agnostic or an atheist there …

12 Reasons Millennials are like every other Generation

In an article entitled 12 Reasons Millennials Are OVER Church, blogger Sam Eaton attempts to explain why Millennials are likely to be missing in the church. I myself could be a Millennial by some definitions, but having grown up conservative I most likely fit somewhere in the middle. As someone who is very concerned about all generations following Jesus I found this article very interesting but not necessarily insightful. The reason is that there is nothing new here. Sam is essentially calling for the seeker sensitive movement all over again, but with a different emphasis. One of the reasons I see things differently than Sam is that he seems to be believe in big church. He expects the church as an institution to correct all of these issues and to be involved in every facet of our lives. Just like big government cannot solve our political issues, big church cannot solve our spiritual issues.

In any case, I think this article brought up some good areas of discussion and I would like to …