KIngdom of God: Judge Yourself

We are often more aware of other people's faults then our own, since it is hard to self-evaluate. However, in Luke 6:37-49 we get a short course on judging.

Remember that we reap what we sow (6:37 - 6:38):
Christianity in the Western World focuses mainly on grace, which makes it easy to forget that it doesn't apply to everything. We are saved by grace, but that does not mean everything we do that is wrong can be made right by simply acknowledging our sin. Sin has consequences of its own and so does judging. We should strive to treat people with the same understanding and forgiveness that God treats us with.

The blind can't lead the blind (6:39-40)
Can someone teach someone not to sin, when they have not mastered it themselves. We can't help anybody unless we ourselves are in a position to help. We need to be very careful not to lead people in the wrong direction because a student is not above the teacher. 

Remove the sin in your life first so that you can help another person (6:41-42):
In order not to lead someone into a pit we need to judge ourselves first. It is not that we shouldn't judge the other person and try to teach them the right way, but that we need to start with ourselves first.

Examining your actions will give you a good indication of sin in your life (6:43-45):
Our actions reveal what is in our heart. If we were to watch our lives on mute, what would it reveal to us about our hearts? Self-delusion is a major problem of which we need to be aware. Knowledge should not be confused with power. Knowledge is knowing something, but power is living it out. 

If our actions demonstrate that we are not hypocritical, and our hearts are full of forgiveness because of how much we have been forgiven, then we will be ready to judge and lead people in the right direction.


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