Donald Trump and Psychological Projection

Donald Trump is now the president elect of the United States of America. This unexpected victory has revealed a great divide within the American people. This divide is nothing new but it has been hidden by the media and political elite who have been driving the sexual revolution bus at break neck speeds for the last 8 years. Contrary to people who want to blame the results on hatred, it is not that simple. Regardless of the root cause of the results it is very interesting to see people's reactions on all sides of the spectrum.

It is without question that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are corrupt people. They are corrupt morally, ethically, and politically. This election was about picking the lesser of two evils. Somebody put it well when they said, "Donald Trump represents all that is culturally wrong with our society, and Hillary Clinton represents all that is politically wrong with our society." Those who disagree with this simply do not read the news in a critical way. How people can be extremely upset about one or the other is unfathomable, since they are both unqualified candidates for President. However, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton themselves can make drastic changes on their own. The United States is a republic that consists of three branches of government which were designed to balance each other out. For the most part things will continue down the path they have been going, which isn't good in either case.

The vote was essentially 50/50 but there are people convinced that 59+ million people are all bigoted. It is inconceivable to some that there are people out there who don't share their views for very good reasons. Could it be that those calling other people bigots are actually the bigots?
Intolerance toward those who hold different opinions from oneself. (Google)
In a secular society where there is no common foundation for morality, it is not possible to call half of the population bigoted without being bigoted yourself. To reduce the motivations of 59 million people down to one word is arrogant. Perhaps this is why progressive liberals hate Donald Trump so much they see the faults in him that they deny in themselves.


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