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What's happened to the Church?

I apologize that my writing always slows down significantly in the summer. Unfortunately, I am often away from my computer on the weekend which is the time I usually write a post. I wish I could say it will change, but that is unlikely. You can always sign up for e-mail updates on the right hand sidebar if you don't want to monitor continuously for updates.

The local church in Western Christianity is gradually losing its influence in our lives and is on the brink of extinction for all practical purposes. Let's look at some of the factors that are contributing to its decline.

The church is no longer the centre of most communities. Our ability to travel and communicate has made it so most people have their own community. It is not defined by where they go to church, but by their own likes and dislikes. Many people commute significant distances to church which makes it time consuming and undesirable to take multiple trips per week, which in turn makes it more difficult to form st…