Climate change is the new religion of choice for the enlightened in our society today. Having jettisoned God they need something to fill the void and have begun to worship earth and wood again. Doomsday scenarios and bullying of "deniers" is the modus operandi of these religious zealots. There is no room for reasoned discussion, just name calling and saying, "I can't hear you," with their fingers in their ears. This is the new reality of the Western world.

There is no question that we should try to limit the impact we have on our environment. Pollution is not good for our health and well being. However, we should not act like this is the end of the world and make this the most important political issue of our time, although we should look for ways to do things more efficiently. Most of the hype is the result of the religious fanaticism of those who claim to have no religion.

The first thing that should concern us regarding climate change is the name change itself from global warming. Global warming was at least quantifiable and open to investigating, climate change on the other hand is an established fact. The climate always changes because that is what it does, whether it is catastrophic or not is another question all together. This change in terminology should signify to us that there is a lot less evidence for destructive climate change then the climate worshippers would have us believe.

Conrad Black, writing for the National Post, provides a reasoned outlook on the information that we currently have.
The world’s temperature has risen approximately one half of a centigrade degree, or almost one fahrenheit degree, in 35 years. There has been minimal global warming for 18 years, though carbon emissions in the world have steadily increased throughout that period. It is indisputable that the world has been warmer several times in its history than it is now, so whatever impact man may have on it, the world’s temperature is evidently subject to fluctuations for other reasons. There is also legitimate disagreement about the consequences of such warming as might occur. Recent research at the University of Sussex, widely recognized for its expertise in this field, indicates that warming up to 3.5 centigrade degrees from where we are now would have no appreciable impact on anything, except a positive impact where increased volumes of carbon dioxide increase arable area and make crops more drought-resistant. There has also been a good deal of reciprocally corroborating research in different countries by recognized experts that uniformly demonstrates that the world’s temperature is much less sensitive than had long been feared to increased carbon use. Antarctic polar ice is thickening and world water levels are not rising. Apocalyptic statements of imminent consequences of not reducing carbon use have been fairly thoroughly debunked.
We should be very skeptical of any movement that discourages discussion and criticism of its beliefs. 


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