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Climate change is the new religion of choice for the enlightened in our society today. Having jettisoned God they need something to fill the void and have begun to worship earth and wood again. Doomsday scenarios and bullying of "deniers" is the modus operandi of these religious zealots. There is no room for reasoned discussion, just name calling and saying, "I can't hear you," with their fingers in their ears. This is the new reality of the Western world.
There is no question that we should try to limit the impact we have on our environment. Pollution is not good for our health and well being. However, we should not act like this is the end of the world and make this the most important political issue of our time, although we should look for ways to do things more efficiently. Most of the hype is the result of the religious fanaticism of those who claim to have no religion.

The first thing that should concern us regarding climate change is the name change itse…