Generational Change

Each generation likes to think that they are making progress relative to the generation that came before them. This is true of course in many areas, such as, technology and medicine, but not in all areas. There is one area that never really changes and that is human relationships. The on going moral revolution would dispute this assertion with its self-proclaimed progress in same-sex relationships, infanticide, and gender confusion, but that is only because they forget history. These things have been going on for thousands of years, but they have never stood the test of time.

The only reason why these changes may appear to work in the short-term is because of the foundation it sits on. The Western world owes its success to the Christian worldview, but now that it has abandoned that worldview it is entering a brave new world. The moral revolution has given very little thought to the history of the Western world and the foundations they are standing on.

In general, we develop beliefs in a certain context with assumptions that we do not even realize. Although, changing those beliefs slightly may seem like a good thing for the current generation, they may not be for a future generation that no longer shares the same assumptions. An example of this can be found in the church with regard to the relationships between men and women. The Bible is very clear that men are to be the leaders in the church, but many well meaning people choose to believe a lie that the Bible is not clear on this issue. A change in this belief may not seem like a big deal at this stage in history, but that is only because most of the leaders are still men. Nobody asks the question about what will happen when that is no longer the case, which it will not be with the Millennials and following generations.

The Western world was not built on same-sex relationships, infanticide, and gender confusion, just like the church was not built on women leaders. These changes to relationships  may work for a time, but that is only as long as the assumptions holding the worldview together are still common place. The problem is that each generation has a different set of assumptions, which they think are better than the previous generations. God's Word is sure and we know the outcome of these changes, but time will also tell.


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