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Generational Change

Each generation likes to think that they are making progress relative to the generation that came before them. This is true of course in many areas, such as, technology and medicine, but not in all areas. There is one area that never really changes and that is human relationships. The on going moral revolution would dispute this assertion with its self-proclaimed progress in same-sex relationships, infanticide, and gender confusion, but that is only because they forget history. These things have been going on for thousands of years, but they have never stood the test of time.

The only reason why these changes may appear to work in the short-term is because of the foundation it sits on. The Western world owes its success to the Christian worldview, but now that it has abandoned that worldview it is entering a brave new world. The moral revolution has given very little thought to the history of the Western world and the foundations they are standing on.

In general, we develop beliefs in…

Practical Advice for my Daughter - Part1

Being cool is overrated. Growing up and throughout adulthood you will be faced with peer pressure. That doesn't mean that it will seem like a negative thing, in fact, you may enjoy it. Peer pressure is something that is never going away, so it is better to deal with it as soon as possible. 
Many people start drinking, smoking, doing drugs, and having sex because of peer pressure. The excitement of these activities will eventually grow dull and their wake will be left a trail of destruction and missed opportunities. 
Drinking is given way too much hype. When most of your conversations are about how much you drank and what happened when you drank, you can be sure you are wasting your life.  Many nights and many mornings are wasted because of drinking and it is really not that fun. Going for a hike, playing a sport, reading a book, talking to friends, getting a good night sleep are all more fun than drinking. There is a reason that most people look back at their childhood with fondn…

Having all the Facts

Whenever we make decisions we typically seek advice from someone who is considered more of an expert in the area of interest. Most of the time we follow this advice, but sometimes we do not. Why is it that we think we can make a better decision than someone who is an expert? Shouldn't we just follow the advice of whoever has the most knowledge?
It is likely that there are experts, of relatively the same expertise, who agree and disagree with you. How then do you determine who is actually the expert? Do we need an expert to determine the expert? This is clearly nonsense and not helpful in making decisions. If there are no experts that agree with your position then that would provide some guidance, but that is rarely the case.
Intuitively, it seems that the more knowledge two people have regarding a particular area, the more they should agree with each other, but that is not always the case. In fact, with regards to the biggest questions in life, it is rarely the case. The reason li…