The Sexual Revolution and Marriage

Rape on college and university campuses has been a concern for many years. Several methods have been tried in order to make sure that all sexual encounters are consensual.  Recently, the no-means-no has given way to the yes-means-yes method of determining consent.  However, this seems to have caused more confusion than less as this article in the New York Times shows.

Since California is the first state to mandate sexual education on affirmative consent, this article focuses on one of these classes for tenth graders. The wisdom of the people leading these classes is on full display in the following paragraph.
Ms. Zaloom suggested making clear plans with friends ahead of time, like making pacts to leave parties together. And she urged them to have conversations with potential sexual partners “before you get swept up in the moment.”
Ms. Zaloom is actually on to something, even if she doesn't realize it. It almost makes me wonder if the sexual revolution will go full circle. Everybody should make a pact of "until death do us part," and that would eliminate the need for affirmative consent all together. There is no ambiguity with regards to consent when it requires a public ceremony with witnesses to confirm.

Another piece of common sense is also missing from this article and from most people's thinking with regards to sex. Since the general outcome of sex is children, you should not be having sex with people you don't want to have children with. Unfortunately, the link between sex and children is far removed from this scientifically enlightened generation.

It is interesting that those driving the sexual revolution don't really even know what they are doing, and neither do the kids listening to them.


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