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Unknown or Unknown

What is the purpose of trials and pain in our life? C.S Lewis summarized the answer to this well when he wrote: God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our consciences, but shouts in our pains. It is his megaphone to rouse a deaf world. Trials seem to have a binary effect: It makes some people stronger in their faith in Jesus. It makes other people turn away from faith in Jesus. Our initial reaction to those who turn away is to think that if only they had not experience that trial, they would have never turned away. We somehow think that the trial blinded them to the truth, when in reality it is the other way around. It opened their eyes to truth.

If the trial had never come they never would have been tested on what they thought they believed, and perhaps would have gone on happily thinking they had faith when in reality they never did. Instead of trials pushing people away from faith, they are actually pulling them to it by showing them that they still need to put their faith…

The Sexual Revolution and Marriage

Rape on college and university campuses has been a concern for many years. Several methods have been tried in order to make sure that all sexual encounters are consensual.  Recently, the no-means-no has given way to the yes-means-yes method of determining consent.  However, this seems to have caused more confusion than less as this article in the New York Times shows.
Since California is the first state to mandate sexual education on affirmative consent, this article focuses on one of these classes for tenth graders. The wisdom of the people leading these classes is on full display in the following paragraph.
Ms. Zaloom suggested making clear plans with friends ahead of time, like making pacts to leave parties together. And she urged them to have conversations with potential sexual partners “before you get swept up in the moment.” Ms. Zaloom is actually on to something, even if she doesn't realize it. It almost makes me wonder if the sexual revolution will go full circle. Everybod…

Do not go to Egypt!

Unfortunately, many people walk away from Jesus, the Word of God, to follow their own desires. The excuses may vary but the reason is always the same, they want to be in slavery to sin. The cares of this world are too great and not wanting to miss out on this life they sell their soul. Growing up in an environment where the promises of God are experienced (a.k.a A Christian home) does not guarantee that you are a Christian, every single person needs to receive salvation on their own. This means that many people will go through periods of doubt and disillusionment, but in the end will need to decide for themselves. It is difficult to know what to say to these people during this time, but the book of Jeremiah provides some good insight.
Jeremiah is a book written during the time of exile to Babylon. The northern kingdom of Israel had already been exiled by the Assyrians and now Judah was being exiled by the Chaldeans. Fearing the worst and feeling the imminent wrath of the Chaldeans the…