Giving Birth

Giving birth is a harrowing experience! This experience started for us when we were called into the hospital on Sunday morning to be induced at 38 weeks. Unfortunately, we had expected to be induced on Monday, so we arrived at the hospital already tired from a restless sleep the night before.

We needed to be induced due to the probability of pre-eclampsia given that my wife is a Type I diabetic. The only thing I knew about pre-eclampsia was from the show Downton Abbey where Sybil died from eclampsia. I have to admit that this played on my mind as my wife's blood pressure kept going up during labour and we eventually had to start pushing earlier. I kept thinking, "Am I going to lose my wife and raise this child on my own?" It is a good thing they were not checking my blood pressure or they might have been treating me for pre-eclampsia as well.

Being induced took a lot longer than I expected. When we first arrived at the hospital the resident told us that it could take 3-4 days. This was unexpected and made me think it was going to be a boring couple of days, but around midnight the pain started. The pain would not stop until 19:41 Monday when Scarlet Grace was born.

Child birth is known to be generally painful, but no description does it justice. The nurses seeing my wife in pain seemed unmoved and only said that it would get worse. They were right. There was nothing I could do, but watch and try to help wherever I could. Giving birth is a right of passage, not only for the mother but also for the father. It gave me a new level of respect for my wife who had to endure the pain so that our child could be born.

Welcoming a new child into the world is surreal. Many people talk about how emotional they become, but for me it was more like the best gift I have ever received. It does not seem like I am a parent yet, but I am sure that will come with time.


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