Don't Judge Me

Justice Sheilagh O'Connell, a Halton judge, ruled that a child should be able to discover their own gender. In her ruling she stated,
If the mother is forcing S. to be a stereotypical girl against his wishes, then this no doubt will cause him emotional harm. If the father is forcing S. to be a stereotypical boy against his wishes, then this no doubt will cause him emotional harm.
Justice Sheilagh O'Connell did not specify why the child would suffer emotional harm, but it would be interesting to find out. There cannot be any grounding of this argument other than the judges own opinion. Biologically S. is a boy. Statistics show that pretending to be the opposite gender results in 41% of those people attempting suicide. It is hard to imagine what could be more emotionally damaging than that.

There are a lot of child wishes that we should not accommodate. Children in Ontario are not allowed to drive until they are 16, drink until they are 19, or be considered an adult until they are 18. The reason is that they are not mature enough and still require adult supervision. Undoubtedly, each child would prefer all of their wishes to be granted immediately, but it is the responsibility of adults to guide children until they reach an age when they are capable of making decisions themselves. This is the responsibility of parents!

It is interesting that in a society that prizes science, especially evolution, would be so unscientific in their judgment. The truth is that this society does not care about what is right or true, only that they get what they want. We are told not to judge other people, but then a judge makes us follow their judgment.


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