Bruce Gender

There has been a lot written about Bruce Jenner and his name change to Caitlyn. Matt Walsh wrote an insightful article that is well worth reading. Doug Wilson also made some astute comments about the problems in our society.

Bruce Jenner will never be female, because he does not have the chromosomes to be female. He can pretend to be female and make himself look female, but he will never truly be female. It is a biological fact.  There are serious consequences for denying this biological fact. A study that came out three years ago found that 41% of people who pretend to be the opposite sex attempt suicide. Even accounting for discrimination the numbers are still considerably higher than the general population, which makes it a very serious choice to make.

The fact that our current society is so supportive of Bruce is indeed alarming; There seems to be no concern for his well being, which seems to be our malaise in general. Everybody just cares about making more money and getting what they want, but they don't care about other people. Nobody is willing to stand up and say, "this is not a good thing, because it is going to hurt him in the long run." Bruce is now more likely to commit suicide than the general population, but nobody really cares as long as he gets to do what he wants (it doesn't really affect them anyway, which is probably why they don't care).

If Bruce ever does commit suicide, none of the people encouraging him now will take responsibility, they will blame the "other" people who "discriminated" against him, whether that is provable or not. We need to be more discriminating, not less. We need to be able to tell that there is a difference between male and female and understand that there are marvelous yet undeniable differences that must be respected or serious consequences will follow. We need to be able to discriminate that Bruce needs help, and instead of encouraging him to take the path to destruction, to turn from it and experience life. Bruce can't change his gender, he can only pretend.


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