Discrimination in Indiana

The reaction to Indiana's signing of their Religious Freedom and Restoration Act set a new record in the frenzied secular religious fervour of intolerance. Popularity is the religion of the masses which leads to intolerance. The same people who discriminated against the LGBT community in the past are now the people who are discriminating against those who they perceive as discriminating against LGBT community now. The people have not changed, but their religious tenets have, which change with the spirit of the times.

What is discrimination? Discrimination is the prejudicial treatment of someone. However, prejudices are not limited to sexual preference. In fact, it seems that most prejudices are related to religion these days. It is hard to argue that the LGBT community is being discriminated against when major companies will boycott a state for signing a bill that could lead to possible "discrimination" of them. On the other hand, Christians are being put out of business because they will not participate in something that is against their conscience, although they will gladly serve all customers for their daily needs. Even during this firestorm, a pizza place needed to close down temporarily because of being discriminated against. That is truly scary, especially since it is unlikely that a pizza place would ever have to cater a wedding.

It is ironic and hypocritical that those claiming discrimination are the ones who are actually discriminating. But, it is downright frightening that the discrimination is happening because of what someone thinks, not because of what they actually do. The thought police have arrived and it does not look like they are leaving any time soon.


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