Disadvantages to Growing up in a Christian Home

There are many benefits to growing up in a Christian home, but there are also some disadvantages that are hard to overcome:
  1. Taking for granted that the Bible is our source of truth. Many Christians rely solely on what they have been told or how they feel about things, instead of looking to God's Word to see if it is true.
  2. The awe and mystery of God's revelation is stored in memory before it is learned by heart. I have known that God is our Father since I was a little child, but I don't think I have ever really fully appreciated it. The fact that the Creator of the universe is our Father should knock our socks off every single time, but it is usually just tucked away in a sentence that we say on our beds.
  3. Missing the urgency in the gospel message. Since most of our friends and family have faith in Jesus and know that the only way to God is through Him, we don't feel the urgency for those that don't. Telling other people about the good news that they can know God too, often takes a back seat to those things that we do within the church.


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