Living Humbly in Truth

Truth has a bad name. It is often associated with being unkind, judgmental, and not important. But truth is about reality, and God is the Truth. If we knew truth perfectly, we would know God perfectly, because He is the ultimate reality. If you don't value truth, you don't value God.

In our day and age there is a crisis of truth. Many people have given up on it because they don't think it is possible to find. There is too much information and we are too biased by our social context to come to a knowledge of it. These are valid concerns and they must be taken seriously, but does that mean it is impossible to know what is real?

Stephen Hawking, recognized as one of the smartest people of our generation, thinks the world came into existence from nothing. I think he is wrong. But how can I, not one of the smartest people in the world, think that, especially when it is his area of expertise? Jihadist around the world think that if they die a "suicide bomber" they will got to heaven. I think they are wrong. But how can I say that when they are willing to die for what they believe?

Pride is what blinds us. Pride is not thinking we are right, it is not realizing that we think that. We all believe we are right, but what evidence do we have that we are actually right? Many people pick and choose their beliefs and have an irrational confidence that they are right. Can we all be right if we essentially make up our beliefs? No. We do not determine reality, we can be sure of that.

Humility is what frees us. Humility is not always doubting that we are right, it is realizing that the truth is outside of ourselves. In fact one of the most important aspects of humility is understanding that we are limited because we are created beings. We don't determine truth, good and evil, and knowledge. They are all things we discover.

Discovering truth is more about attitudes and approach than brain capacity, which is why even the most simple minded of us can understand more about truth than the smartest person in the world. In other words we are all human, but that does not mean truth is beyond our grasp. If we don't live in truth, it is almost impossible to find it, since it is in a world we don't live in. Our basic assumptions come from the lives we live, which is why we need to live in the truth. Truth is found be searching and living it, not by determining it.


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