Freedom to Think

Politics is more often associated with lying than governing people. Most of us don't like politics, whether it is at work or in the news. Withholding information, misleading, and deception are all associated with politics. However, politics are necessary for people to live together.

Governing or leading people is not easy. People can be lazy, indifferent, and seemingly always irrational. Why is it that people can hold such different and opposing views, and yet always believe they are right? Wait a minute! How can I think that I am right in making that assertion?

Homosexuality and abortion are issues of today, and seemingly more and more people support them, notwithstanding that they are contrary to life. Even making that statement is enough to cause people to get angry and become intolerant and bigoted, claiming that people who make those kind of statements are hateful (although it is really the opposite). It is this sentiment that makes politics so difficult. People will never get along if they try to force people to believe the same things that they do, but that doesn't seem to stop many from trying.

Racism is generally agreed to be wrong, but we can never force someone to stop being racist. In fact, all efforts will prove futile, because inward beliefs are rarely changed by coercion. As the popular saying goes, "a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still." The only thing we can insist on as a society is that someone not practice their racism in an active sense. We can't stop them from sharing their opinions, because everybody has a right to do that, but we can stop listening to them. If somebody would like to start a store that only serves black people that is their decision, but as a society the only thing we can do is to stop going to that store. We can't force the people to stop being racist.

This is also true of homosexuality and abortion. Everybody has a right to believe that abortion and homosexuality are wrong, but that should not prevent them from running a business or holding their beliefs. Nobody should have a right to bully somebody into practicing something they don't believe. This is the fundamental problem with our society today. The intolerant bigots leading the moral revolution are insisting that not only everybody agree with them, but also think the same way as them. This is why freedom of speech is so important, because freedom of speech is really the idea of freedom to think.

Politics often stray into controlling what people think, which is why partial truths, deception, and coercion are the currency of today.


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