The Rape of Jennifer Lawrence and Others...

Over the last couple weeks nude pictures of Jennifer Lawrence and others were leaked. They were stolen from their private online accounts and posted on multiple websites. Unfortunately, most websites are not legally required to block the posting of these pictures.

Anybody who posted or looked at those pictures should be charged as a sex offender. This is a violation of someones privacy that is criminal. It doesn't matter that taking nude pictures of yourself is a bad idea or that some of them have already published nude pictures of themselves.

Imagine that you show up to work and find out that the night before someone sent nude pictures of you to everybody in the office. Would you feel violated, embarrassed, and sick to your stomach? How long would it take for you to leave work and never come back? In this scenario you can escape, but not when they are published online. There will always be these naked pictures for their kids and grandchildren to discover. Now, imagine that you are in the reverse situation, somebody offers to show you a picture of your co-worker naked. Would you not be violating them by looking at?

Everybody human being should be treated with dignity and does not deserve to be violated by the whole world. In the Bible, Ham looked at his father's nakedness and was cursed because of it. At least his brother's had the decency to cover their father up.  We should all be ashamed that we live in a culture that would take part in the public sexual violation of another person. Unfortunately, there is no way to cover them up. There is something wrong with that...


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