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Is Being Gay a Choice?

It is conceivable that certain people are more attracted to the same-sex than the opposite-sex, since each gender has a wide range of masculinity and femininity. However, this is just an observation. The scientific community seems to waffle on this topic in both directions, so there is clearly no direct link.
The problem with this question is that it is not asked in the right context. Relationships are not only about sex, but about gender, which is often overlooked (assuming that being gay is more than just about sex) And,  there can be no question, scientifically speaking, that there are genes that determine gender; Female's are XX and Male's are XY. This makes it unlikely that any future research into a gay gene would find stronger evidence than that. 
Also, it is interesting that in many gay relationships it is common for someone to take on the female role and the other person to take on male role. This is another indicator that there is indeed a biological predisposition t…

Lessons Malachi

Times have changed. Christianity no longer enjoys a privileged position in society, in fact, we are often marginalized and belittled. Curiously, the most vociferous opponents are often those with a Christian background of some kind. This is most likely because Christianity teaches that people are bad and not good like we all want to think. Nobody wants to be told that they are wrong and will face the consequences, but that will not change their outcome. Living in this type of environment is a challenge for Christians, since we also have been impacted by these changes in society. We have developed attitudes that need correction because of living in this godless culture.

Malachi was written, thousands of years ago, to Judah during a time in which they were trying to reestablish themselves in a godless world. The attitudes they had then are very similar to our own now and hopefully will illuminate our own shortcomings. Let's look at their complaints and the parallels today.