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Learn Unsatisfaction in 10-Minutes a Day

My wife and I recently went to my cousins wedding in Florida. We were only going for a weekend, but my wife really wanted to go water skiing at the Swiss Waterski Resort. As we were discussing our plans, it became clear that it would be very difficult to make it to the school. It would require us to leave early and miss out on planned events. It then dawned on me that we were making all of these plans for 10 minutes of skiing. The decision became very clear after that.

This situation is like sin in our lives. Sin is "enjoyable" for the 10 minutes it lasts, but it causes us to miss out on the more important things in life. It is similar to eating a good meal that tastes so good that we go back for seconds. The taste is so delicious that we think we will be satisfied if we can just have a bit more. However, the satisfaction never comes and we feel sick to our stomachs and eventually will become obese. Food is enjoyable, but is typically forgotten once it is eaten, and without s…

Moncton Mass Murder and Modernity

This week the news has been filled with the murder of David Ross, Fabrice Georges Gevaudan, and Douglas James Larche. The whole country watched with bated breath for the capture of the Moncton murderer. The news of his capture and arrest brought waves of condemnation.
There is no question that this person's capture is something to be celebrated, but we need to be careful not to lay all the blame at his feet. Yes, he acted as an individual, but there were clearly influences in his life from the society around him. Our society has become more and more violent, which is demonstrated by the rise of sports such as MMA, violent video games, and violence in movies. Instead of focusing on the murderer we need to look at we can do as a modern society to prevent these kinds of events.

The killer listened to Megadeth. Maybe we should ask ourselves if this is the type of music that should be allowed in our society. The song that was posted on the murderer's website was called "Hook i…