Pamela Anderson and Humanity

It is fairly easy to think that we are all good people deep down, but if we reflect on our lives for a moment we will realize how much pain and evil we have caused. Often times we don't even realize it because there is no direct connection, but we are still part of the problem. Pamela Anderson, a well known Canadian actress who made a living off the sexualization of her body, just came out with sexual-abuse allegations during the launch of the Pamela Anderson Foundation.

Women who use their bodies in sexual ways often have a backstory like Pamela's. The loss of dignity and self-worth at a young age leaves them vulnerable to exploitation. We react in shock and anger when we hear about her childhood, but we don't see our connection to her adult career. Pamela may have been an adult when she decided to use her body sexually to make money, but it was the events of her childhood that drove her to that decision.

Every human being is of infinite value in the eyes of God. We know that we are of infinite value because God sent His one and only Son to die for us, clearing the way so that we could have a relationship with Him. Intuitively we understand this. No loving parent would parade their child naked in front of a room full of pedophiles. Why? Because they would not want their child devalued for the sake of someone's perversion. Pedophiles don't have any love for children, they only want to objectify them so that they can fulfill their own needs. This does not change when everybody is an adult.

Pamela may have been sexually-abused as a child, but she has also been sexually-abused every day since by anybody who has looked at her lustfully. Pamela is a human being made in the image of God who is of infinite worth. She is not an object to be looked at to fulfill our own desires, but she should be valued simply because she is human. 

During her speech she made this telling statement:
My affinity with animals
Saved me- they came to me naturally.
The trees spoke to me.
I wasn't sure why I was alive.
Pamela Anderson feels more loved by animals then by human beings. This is because human beings treat her like an animal and animals treat her like a human being.


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