Religious Freedom in Canada

Watching religious freedoms of our neighbours to the south being trampled on made me think that perhaps Canada is a truly tolerant society, but that may not be case.

Nova Scotia and Ontario's bar societies voted to not allow graduates of Trinity Western to practice law in those provinces.
At issue was Trinity Western's requirement that its 3,600 students sign a community covenant forbidding intimacy outside heterosexual marriage, which has been criticized as discriminatory against gays and lesbians.
Notice that Trinity Western forbids all intimacy outside of marriage, not just gays and lesbians, but people are not objecting against that.

Jonathan Kay, writing for the National Post,  shows tremendous insight into this whole issue,
It would be nice to think, however na├»vely, that the spirit of “diversity,” the doctrine that those same liberal elites always are anxious to apply to female, aboriginal, gay and multiculti university applicants, applies to believing Christians as well.
Advocates of homosexuality only practice their religious tenets when it is people they like, but when it is people they don't like, it is a different story. Christians are often unjustly discriminated against in society, as Jonathan points out.
The stereotype that many Canadians hold of Evangelicals (and of devout Christians more generally) is that their attitude toward gays is phobic and hateful. But from what I know, the reaction Brandon Ambrosino got at Liberty U is much more typical: Love the sinner, even if you hate the sin. And I can’t think of any reason why the atmosphere at TWU would be any different.
However, there is still hope in this story for religious freedoms,
The Supreme Court of Canada already has instructed one professional society — the British Columbia College of Teachers — that they can’t ostracize TWU graduates simply because they don’t like the university’s religious rules. If the Law Society of Upper Canada won’t make its peace with Christianity, it should at least respect settled Canadian law. And if it doesn’t, then TWU should litigate this issue until they do.
Tolerance means to live with people you disagree with. If everybody agreed there would be no need for tolerance. You can't force someone to believe something that they don't believe, and that is what these law societies are attempting to do.


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