Infinite Relationship

Growing up in the Church has its advantages, but it can also cause you to go along with expectations rather then searching for the truth. The environment that I grew up in expected that you read the Bible and prayed every day. Being someone who enjoys consistency this came naturally to me. Unfortunately it masked a deeper problem, I did not have any desire to understand what I was reading. I read the Bible like someone who wanted to complete a task, not learn more about the Creator of the Universe.

This all began to change one day when I saw my brother reading a commentary on the Bible. My dad had studied the Bible my whole life, but it was not until I noticed my brother studying that it caught my attention. I began to devour commentaries and listen to sermons but there was still something missing. I then read this Bible verse, "this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent (John 17:3)." My purpose up to that point had been to have fun while avoiding Hell and going to Heaven. I wanted to know more information but I did not want know more of Him.

Knowing God (eternal life) is the purpose of this life and the life to come. If you are satisfied with only knowing a little bit about God then Hell is for you. Developing a relationship with God takes time and effort. It starts with admitting that you are sinful and need help, but it blossoms into an understanding friendship. Suppose someone said they were a friend of yours but they never talked to you and did not know anything about you, except what they had heard other people say. What kind of friend would they be? The short answer is that they are not a friend. This is similar to how many people have a relationship with God. Their knowledge of God rests on what other people say, either explicitly through a pastor or a priest, or implicitly through societies definition of love.

The problem is that nobody can have a relationship with God for you. It does not matter if your friends, parents, wife, husband, or siblings have one, it only matters if you have one. It is fine to learn from other people, but you have to make your own. Thankfully, God provided the Bible. This is the only authoritative source of information that we have about God. Although we can learn from our experiences and friends it needs to be filtered through the Bible.

A common misconception of the Bible is that it is boring. It is only boring if you are doing a task or learning information. If you are seeking the only living God nothing could be more interesting. There is no other book in the world that reveals what is of infinite value. How many people think it is a good idea to get married without knowing anything about who you are going to marry? We spend a lot of time on relationships that only last while on this earth, should we not spend even more effort on the relationship that will last forever? Read the Bible with new eyes today. Ask someone to help you if you don't know where to start. Post a comment and I will be glad to help.


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