The Dawkins Delusion - Chapters 1 - A deeply religious non-believer

Over the years I have tried to read books from people with a different perspective then myself in an effort to challenge my own views. Although many people have challenged me to read these kinds of books, I have found that it is not reciprocal. Most people only try to reaffirm their own beliefs instead of challenging them by looking at a different perspective. It is truly amazing how confident people are when they are usually quite ignorant of opposing points of view. The "The God Delusion" by Richard Dawkins is one of the books I have read. In the following blog post I will do a chapter by chapter review.

Chapter 1 -  A deeply religious non-believer

The first chapter is rather uneventful with the purpose of setting the grounds rules for the remainder of the book. Richard asserts that he is not critiquing Einsteinain religion (pg. 20), which he does not consider religion at all, but he is mainly looking at religion that involves anything supernatural. He also makes the point that religion should not be treated with  kid gloves (pg. 27) but should be treated the same way everything else is treated.

Richard's attempt to excuse his own views as non-religious miss the mark. What difference does it make if one's core believe system involves something supernatural? The fact of the matter is that everybody has a set of rules that govern their lives. Richard Dawkins' life is governed by science. This is his religion since it is what guides actions. It is somewhat ironic how angry Dawkins gets at people when they don't accept his scientific views. Does he want people to treat his religion with kid gloves? This opening chapter is a feeble attempt to justify why his own views don't fall under the same criticism as what he considers religious.


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