Stolen Foundations

A foundation is an essential part of a house because everything else is built on it. If the foundation is not solid the house will eventually collapse. Similarly, if the foundation we choose to build our lives on is not solid our lives will eventually collapse into despair. Christianity, Islam, and Atheism are all foundations that people build their lives on.

Every life foundation needs to be able to support the weighty questions of life: What is the meaning of life? Is there right and wrong? Is there life after death? These are just a few that need to be supported by one's foundation. Unfortunately most foundations these days seemed to be left unexamined. However, even more concerning is the number of people who are building on a foundation that they have stolen from someone else!

There is a growing number of people who claim that a society's moral values can be determined by consensus of what is best for society. The only way this would be feasible is if each individual had a common background. For example, Sharia law permits polygamy, whereas Christianity outlaws it. There are only two solutions to this problem, one is right and the other is wrong, or both are wrong. In either case, how will it be decided who is right, if any? What foundation will be used? It is plain to see that in a democratic society it will be determined by popular vote, which will trample on all minorities. Most people do not seemed alarmed at this because they are fine with the status quo, but the world their grand children will live in will be radically different then the world they live in. Do you think it would be good to live in a society ruled by Sharia law? 

This new idea that society itself knows what is best only works in a society that has a memory of Christianity. When the memories of Christianity fade completely from our collective consciousness only then will the cracks in the foundation be seen for what they are, but by then it will be too late. The question is what foundation can be used to organize society in a way that is peaceful? Does your foundation meet the requirements of a solid foundation? Have you even thought about it?


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