Do you really believe in miracles? Having been immersed in Christianity my whole life, it is very easy to believe in miracles. I grew up listening to stories about water being turned into wine, the blind being made to see, the sun standing still, and people being raised from the dead. Far from these stories seeming too good to be true, they seemed normal. Even now I have to remind myself of how incredible these stories are. Unfortunately growing up has made me quite the critic. I am usually the one questioning the person who is telling a story about when they saw a cripple walk or a UFO. It is not that I want to be critical, it is just that I have seen so many of those stories to be lacking the necessary evidence.

Some people who claim to be Christian take the stance that miracles do not happen. The Jesus Seminar has actually taken it so far as to doubt any stories in the Bible that seem miraculous. The problem is that if miracles do not exist, Christians do not exist. If Jesus is not raised from the dead then there is no hope to having a relationship with God. How then does someone who is critical of miracles accept Christianity?

The first issue to understand is that miracles do not happen regularly, they are rare by definition. Many think that miracles contradict the laws of nature but that is not necessarily true. Miracles could simply be exceptions that occur when only certain rare conditions are met. The laws of nature are derived from observation but that does not mean that we understand them completely. Quantum physics is an example of how we don't totally understand the underlying nature of things. The second issue to understand is that the causes required for miracles will no doubt be visible in the physical world, so may not seem like miracles at all. In other words, physical events will have physical causes even though they are miraculous. Someones cancer going into remission may just seem like good luck but it could also be miraculous and there would be no way to prove that one way or the other. The third issue to remember is that many miracles may relate to timing. It is not necessarily the event itself that is miraculous, it is that a particular event occurred at a particular time. Missing your plane because you slept in for the first time in your life only to hear that it was hijacked and crashed into a building could be an example of a miracle. 

It is important not to limit miracles by a too narrow definition of them. Situations may seem normal but that does not mean they are not miraculous. Even with a proper perspective of miracles it can still be hard to believe people's stories, but that should not stop you from believing. I don't believe in miracles because of one person's story, I believe in miracles because I believe that God is the Creator. Miracles are nothing compared to creating the world from nothing (ex nihilo), and is therefore a logical step for a Christian to accept. After all Christian's have experienced the most important and mind boggling miracle of all, a change of heart.


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