I have spent most of my life playing traditional team sports, such as, basketball, football, hockey, and volleyball. Playing sports is an enjoyable way to socialize with people and test yourself both mentally and physically. When you are younger it is your physical abilities that you rely on the ability to run, jump, throw, and kick, but as you get older you start to rely on your mental abilities. This change is very subtle at first but becomes more pronounced. This along with other changes are not bad because it allows you to explore new sports that you may never had tried before because you always played team sports.

This past weekend I cycled with a friend of mine from Montreal to approximately Sherbrooke. It took us about 5.5 hours over a distance of around 165 km. I have been cycling for the past 2 years, and I really enjoy it. It is hard to understand why I enjoy it since it is essentially pain management, but there is something about self propulsion that is exciting. It is not your typical team sport but there is a lot more team work then you would expect, such as, drafting and communication.

Most team sports do not really exercise for more than 1 hour, but with an endurance sport you can exercise for multiple hours, which changes things drastically. It is difficult if you don't bring your water bottle to a basketball game, but it could be lethal if you don't bring it on a 165 km bicycle ride. Also, it probably doesn't matter if you bring an energy bar to hockey game, but everything will cramp up if you don't bring the proper fuelling while cycling. This is not to say that endurance sports are better than team sports but they add a whole new dynamic that test your abilities in different ways.

If you are finding that you want a new challenge and enjoy applying yourself to something, give cycling a try. It is a lot of fun.



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