Men and Women are Different

Men and women are different. Most people agree with this statement, but why are so many people upset when you start pointing out some of the differences? If men and women are truly different, there must be some evidence that shows that. It is foolishness to say that men and women are different and then not be able to name any differences whatsoever.

It is a proven fact that men generally have more upper body strength and by definition have different anatomy, but is that the only thing we mean when we say they are different? Hardly, that is a given, we are usually talking about the differences that we find in relating to each other. There is no need to name some of the differences because that will only cause a controversy, and that is not the point of this discussion. The challenge is for you to think about what differentiates men from women.

I am tired of being told that men and women are not different whenever you bring up a practical example, when there is clearly a difference.


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