Adultery Dating

Anything you do with your girlfriend or boyfriend before marriage is cheating on your husband or wife, even if you marry the person. There are certain things that are only reserved for marriage and they should be treated that way.

Your body is the only unique gift that you can give someone that nobody else can. This does not just apply to sexual acts but also applies to viewing. Displaying your body, clothed or not, to other people is also taking away from something that is for your husband's or wife's enjoyment. If everybody knows what your body looks like, there is not much left for your husband or wife to discover. If you are the one doing the looking there is no more mystery to your husband's or wife's body only comparison.

Saving your body as a gift for your husband or wife is an expression of love that nobody else can give, and makes it easy for that person to trust you wholeheartedly. Giving your life for the sake of someone else is recognized as a heroic act. Saving your body for the sake of someone else should also be recognized as a heroic act, since it is the same as giving your life just over a much longer period of time. It seems to me that one of the reasons people struggle in marriages so much is because they find it hard to trust their husband or wife, since there is not much evidence to go on. Giving your body only at the time of marriage is evidence that you will remain faithful to them and gives them confidence right from the beginning.

There are different kinds of love but only one type of love that is the strength of a marriage. Commitment with a promise is the cement of a marriage that will survive the settling and turbulence of life. Dating for long periods of time or spending every waking moment together is like adding too much water which only serves in weakening the bonds of marriage.

Spending a lot of time together before marriage weakens your actual marriage because it unconsciously takes your eyes off the important aspect that your relationship should be built on a promise. Most people are of the opinion that you need to try things out to make sure that you make the right decision. However, a marriage should not only be built on how well you get along together since that is dependent on individual preferences, which will undoubtedly change over the length of your marriage. It is far more important to determine if your spouse will be committed when the frost, rain, and winds come then it is that your likes and dislikes match up. One way to discern that is to know that they will commit even when they don't know what is going to happen, because it shows that they understand that it is their commitment that comes first not the agreeableness of their future spouse. Dating for long periods of time is contrary to that principle and is indicative of a relationship that is held together by preferences rather then commitment.

The giving of your body is the evidence of your love for your spouse when they are not around and temptations come. The giving of your promise is the evidence that you will love them no matter what. Both of these actions are foundational to a good relationship full of trust and confidence which will be able to support the house and children that are dependent on it. A building is only as strong as its foundation, don't cheat before you meet.


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