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There are some times in life where you just cannot be silent. The video below is disturbing and cannot be ignored.

Popular media has largely been ignoring this whole trial, which begs the question, why? I don't want to try and guess the reasons why, but the answer may shed some light on the current culture wars in the United States. Killing a baby just before they are born is wrong. The fact that it seems to matter whether it was outside the women's body or not is irrelevant. How can we react with joy when we hear of a new child that is born, yet affirm that somebody has the decision to take the same life away only minutes before? This is insanity. If we are objective, we will admit that we support the killing of innocent people, or we will affirm that we are wrong and will change course. Here are some questions that anybody who supports abortion needs to ask themselves:

1. Is a baby a human being only when it is born?
2. Is a baby a human being 5 minutes before it is born?
4. Is a baby a human being 5 minutes after it is born?
6. What criteria did you use to determine your answers and can you apply the same criteria to before and after?

The media may not want to talk about this issue but we should because it is shameful to think that we are not defending the most vulnerable of our society. Do not be silent. Let's end abortion, it would even make Hitler blush.


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