Deceptive Driving

Rob Bell is an expert at deception, and the promotion video for his new book "What We Talk About When We Talk About God" demonstrates him plying his craft. His primary thrust is that our conceptions of God are outdated and need to be driven into the future where God is already waiting. He sums this up convincingly when he says, "for them not us, for then not now."

Rob Bell's belief that previous generations got it wrong is common place today and easy to refute. If previous generations got it wrong then what makes us confident that our generation is getting it right? What will the next generation say about our generation? Will they not say we got it wrong? The fact of the matter is each generation and each person tries to do what they think is right, but that does not mean that they are right.

Just because we have more information and technology than we have ever had before does not mean we can make better decisions. One of the biggest problems with all of the information and technology that we do have, is that we are unsure about how much of it is actually correct. But, does information and technology even affect issues like homosexuality and women's issues in the Church? Homosexuality and women's issues were problems that existed even in the first century and they still exist today. There is nothing new under the Sun, neither are we more enlightened to deal with these issues today then we were yesterday.

We know for sure that we are not God, but we like to pretend that we are. Rob Bell may think He knows what God is like but his/our ideas do not change God. What evidence does Rob Bell have for his beliefs? How does he know these things about God? Did he discover it from nature? Did he have a dream at night? In the end it does not matter what Rob Bell believes, it only matters what God is actually like.

It is time for Rob Bell to look up from changing the radio station on his new car and realize that he is not moving forwards but backwards, rapidly rolling down the hill of knowledge from the green light of truth because he does not have his foot on the break of idolatry. His old "Sled" may have been able to survived the impact at the bottom, but these new cars disintegrate on impact.


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