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Deceptive Driving

Rob Bell is an expert at deception, and the promotion video for his new book "What We Talk About When We Talk About God" demonstrates him plying his craft. His primary thrust is that our conceptions of God are outdated and need to be driven into the future where God is already waiting. He sums this up convincingly when he says, "for them not us, for then not now."

Rob Bell's belief that previous generations got it wrong is common place today and easy to refute. If previous generations got it wrong then what makes us confident that our generation is getting it right? What will the next generation say about our generation? Will they not say we got it wrong? The fact of the matter is each generation and each person tries to do what they think is right, but that does not mean that they are right.

Just because we have more information and technology than we have ever had before does not mean we can make better decisions. One of the biggest problems with all of the …

Harold Smith

What do you say to someone if you know it could be the last time you see them? At 4:25 AM on February 20, 2013 Harold Smith died as a result of leukaemia at the age of 65. He was my friend.

I will miss his smile with the sideways look and the twinkle in his eye, the tangible excitement in his voice with the description of his latest discovery, and the care and concern he had my wife and I. There is so much about a person and what they mean to you that it is hard to describe. How is it that when someone dies it seems like they are completely gone even though their body is still there? You would think it would be like they are sleeping, but it is not, there is something different. It is like looking for a friend who survived a car accident but only finding their crashed up car. Death is a mystery but it teaches us some important lessons.

Having the privilege to be with Harold in his last few days of life was an honor that I will not forget. Being with his kids and extended family singi…