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Venus Worship

Suddenly flames shot up and the thirty foot figure of a seductive women was outlined in fire. The crowd roared in anticipation of the sexual performance that was to come. Men felt the oncoming rush of  intoxication while women felt the tangible surge power of being a women at the tips of their fingers. We may not worship at the altar of Venus in ancient Rome, but Venus worship is alive and well.

The first thought that came to mind when I saw the fiery image of Beyonce was that we now worship women. The incongruity of the moment struck me like it never had before. Why is a performance that would be inappropriate in private be appropriate in public? If Beyonce came to my house and performed her half time show for me, it would be clearly inappropriate, unless we were married. Why does having a 100,000+ people there make it appropriate?  It does not, but worship brings things that are private into the public sphere since it is a shared object of desire.

A woman is pinned against the wall…

Thinking about work #1

Over the years I have been able to pick up a few things along the way that have really helped me do my job. I will try to outline these in a series of articles titled "Thinking about work".
Solving a problem can be modeled as a binary search. The idea behind a binary search is to divide the number of possible solutions by half each time an experiment is performed. For example, a binary search could be used to determine what number your friend picked when asked to pick a number between 1 and 10: Pick a number between 1 and 10. Is the number you picked less than or equal to 5? Yes Is the number you picked less than or equal to 2.5? Yes Is the number you picked less than or equal 1.25? No You picked the number 2!
The difficulty with problem solving is generally not the method taken but the time required. Given enough time and resources most problems can be solved, but that is a luxury that few people, if any, have. Time constrained problem solving adds another layer of complexity, n…