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Famous people often display amplified characteristics of the culture in which they grew. The water and ground of the culture allows them to flourish when they might otherwise have withered and died. Lady Gaga is an example of this idea. Most people would admit that she is weird and would not personally do the things that she does, however, she has sold millions of songs and is a cultural icon. How does this happen if it is not something that has fertilized the surface of our culture? If you had a time machine and took her back 100 years, would she even have 10 people that would be caught dead admiring to her? The fact she can survive and even thrive in the current culture means that it is indeed our culture where she was planted and watered. It is not that she is the only weird one, but that we all are weird to some degree.
Lance Armstrong is no different. He believes in winning at all costs and will lie, cheat, and bully people to get there. However, all of our indignation should be …

Attitudes for Critical Thinking

The purpose of critical thinking is to get to the truth. Most people want to be right but few are willing to be wrong to get there.

The first thing to understand is that everybody thinks what they believe is right. By definition nobody can hold a belief that they think is wrong because a belief is something that you believe is right. Finding the truth requires that you be open to the possibility that your belief is wrong otherwise you will never change your belief. This does not mean that you change your belief every time a new idea is proposed but that you at least consider that new idea. Remember that any point of view will seem right until it is challenged. However, you actually need to listen to the other side, not just someones opinion of how the other side is wrong. I would suggest reading books or asking questions to somebody who actually believes it.
The next step is understanding the importance of each belief. There are certain beliefs that are foundational and should require a…

The Nuclear Gospel

The most powerful weapon in the world is not the nuclear bomb, it is the gospel. Stricter gun control and removal of violence from video games and movies will not solve the world's problems, those are only symptoms of hearts that have turned away from what is right. The only hope for the world is that hearts will be changed, the only thing capable of changing hearts is the gospel.

What is the gospel? The gospel is the good news that there is a way to know God. God is good and in Him there is no evil. We are evil. A brief scan of current events and our own hearts reveal the depravity of human beings. God is perfect and must judge our evil accordingly, which means there is no way we can have a relationship with Him on our own terms. Knowing our frailty God sent Jesus to earth to pay the penalty which our evil deserves. Justice will prevail. Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, etc... will all receive justice. Even though God's justice is satisfied by the sacrifice of Jesus we still need to …