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Decision Making

Making decisions about life is a difficult process. On Canadian thanksgiving I was notified that the company was closing down our office and they were hoping that I and my wife would move to Huntsville, Alabama. The offer they were making was compelling and forced us to have to make a big decision. Would we move to Huntsville or not?
At first we thought we would move. We knew it would be hard but it was the only option that gave me a guaranteed job. However, as time went on and we analyzed our decision making process, we realized that the only reason we were considering moving was because of the career implications. That is not necessarily a bad reason but is it the right reason?
This kind of decision needs to take into account all of life not just one aspect. The important things in life are often long term in their consequences and benefits. A wedding happens in a day but a marriage lasts until death. Children are conceived in a moment but they live a lifetime. In both of these case…

Forgiveness Leads to Reconciliation

The following post is a response I wrote to a blog that had stirred up some discussion regarding a division that happened to a Church I went to when I was young. The division happened in 1991 and has cause many issues since. I was hoping to stir up the readers to think about reconciliation instead of division.


One of the issues with the church in general is that it does not connect with reality. This could be in the form of plastic smiles, tribal language, or emotional debauchery. As Christians we often talk about what we should do and what others should do but when we look at our own lives there is almost no evidence that we are actually doing what Jesus did. No, we are not saved by works but the Holy Spirit does live in us (or does He?), and greater is He that is in us than He that is in the world.

Forgiveness. This should be the hallmark of every Christian and therefore of every church. When the world looks at the church do they see forgiveness or do they see divisio…