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Management Techniques

Over the course of my career I have been recognized with the ability to build and manage great teams. The methods that I use are unconventional but effective. These methods will not work for everyone but maybe it will make you think.

Employees who work to please you are better than employees who work because they fear you. An employee who fears you will only do enough to keep you happy, an employee who wants to please you will do as much as they can to make you happy. If someone fears you they will not do any more than they are asked, which makes you the limit on their potential. If someone wants to please you they are the limit of their potential and you are there to help them be better than they ever thought they could be.

Developing a team that tries to please requires you to be a captain rather than a coach. A coach stands on the sidelines and yells at you whenever you are doing something and makes sure you are doing the right things. A captain does a very similar thing except he …

What is important in life?

Contemplating a move to a different country really makes you think about what is important in life. We are on this earth for a very a short time and we need to make the most of it, but what are we to make the most of?

Should we try to make the most amount of money? Money enables us to do what we would like to do when we would like to do it. However, there is no proven link that money actually makes you happy. In most cases you become a slave to money since you become dependent on it to maintain a certain standard of living.

Should we try to make the most of our own happiness? We often hear the saying, "as long as it makes you happy." The problem with happiness is the same problem with money, it does not satisfy because it takes more and more to make us happy.

There is a lot to be learned from older people. They have seen what life has to offer and should have a good perspective on what is important. Many older people have had successful careers but what really matters to the…

Lance Armstrong

USADA released a damning report about Lance Armstrong's use of performance enhancing drugs  (PEDs) last week. This report contains incontrovertible evidence that cycling is dirty from the riders right up to the UCI. In recent years however it seems that the sport has done a lot to clean itself up. Lance was not the only person to dope but just one of many.
Nobody should have needed USADA's report to know that Lance Armstrong doped. Like Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens before him it was obvious to those without an invested interest that Lance Armstrong took PEDs. It is amazing that so many people require absolute evidence when common sense dictates that it is impossible to do what he is doing without some sort of performance enhancing drug.
Many argue that it should not matter if someone takes performance enhancing drugs if everybody else is taking them too. This argument makes us ask the question what is the purpose of sport? Sport, at the competitive level, is the measure of s…

Tough Decisions

Important decisions are hard to make. Just last week I found out that they are closing the office where I work, which means I will have to find a job. There are several options including going to a different country to work. These decisions needless to say have caused me great anxiety, which always reminds me of these verses, "The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:6)."

The immediate reaction to these verses is to rationalize them. Maybe we say we are not actually anxious or that it only applies to certain situations. Although it would be great if that were true it is most likely not the case. The truth is we don't trust God as much as we should. We know that He is our creator and is in control of every bit of our life. Also, there is n…

Summer is done

If anybody is reading this blog regularly you may wonder why there are very few posts in the summer. The reason is that I am away most weekends in the summer enjoying the beautiful weather and water at  my parents cottage. However, I am still thinking and wondering about why things are in this world. With the onset of winter I will be posting more regularly again, usually Saturday or Sunday mornings. I hope that these thoughts will be a blessing to all of you in the next year.