Heavenly Perspective

If this earth is full of pain and sorrow Heaven is for you. If this earth is full of joy and happiness Heaven is for you. Some people think of Heaven as a place where you sing songs, bow down, and look Jesus in the face. Other people think of Heaven as a place where you play golf, hang out with your friends, and are on vacation all the time. And still others think of Heaven as not Hell.

Even though all of those characterizations are probably true they are still missing the main point that Heaven is about a relationship with the Father and the Son. This answer may not be satisfying to you depending on your understanding of a relationship. A relationship does not mean that you will always be in a never ending conversation with God with nobody else around. There are many ways to get to know God as we already experience here on this earth. Nature and people bring us into a deeper relationship with God and there is no reason to expect that friendships, exploration of nature, and parties will end in Heaven.

God create the universe but then sin corrupted it. What we live in now is the corrupted version of what God intended. Not only that but the sin in our lives further limits our ability to enjoy His creation which we corrupted. The biggest concern that we should all have about Heaven is that we will not have the capacity to take it all in and that takes us to at least one of the reasons for us living on this earth.

Our experiences on earth prepare and increase our capacity to enjoy Heaven. Those who suffer on this earth will enjoy Heaven because it will right the things that were wrong. For example, if someone suffered a concussion and lived in pain for years they would enjoy the pain free aspects of Heaven more than someone who did not experience that. Those who enjoy the wonder of life now will enjoy it even more once they are free from sin.

Perhaps you are thinking that you don't care how much you enjoy heaven as long as you get there. If the idea is that you only want to get to know God enough so that you get in then you are probably not a Christian. Christianity is all about knowing God enough that you trust Him. We have all seen and heard more than enough to trust Him on this earth.


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