This Mystery is Profound

"This mystery is profound, and I am saying that it refers to Christ and the church (Eph. 5:32)."

Marriage is not seen as important anymore. Many people don't see the purpose in it and decide to not get married at all, they say they don't need a piece a paper to say that they are married. If they do get married they often test drive the car first and end up in divorce.

A car that has been driven for a short period of time at low speeds is in relatively good condition. But a car that has been driven at top speed for years at a time is a used car even if it has never been bought. Nobody would buy a used car at the price of a new one. The analogy of test driving a car for why people live together is a bad analogy and a bad decision. It is no secret that people who live together have a higher rate of divorce.

The reason why people who live together often get divorced is because they don't understand what it means to love someone. The love of Christ for the Church is built on a promise to Abraham (the Father of faith) and his offspring, meaning Christ. This is the pattern for love. Love in marriage should always be built on a promise. It should not be built on how well you get along with the other person because that will change. The most important part of any wedding is the vows. These vows are what will hold your marriage together for years to come. Just like God's promise to Abraham is forever so our vows to our spouses should be forever. Vows are not passive they are active and should be fulfilled. God not only made a promise but sent His Son to fulfill those vows, and the Son sent the promised Spirit.

Two people who live together or date for a long time are both lacking an understanding of love. These relationships are doomed to failure because they want to experimentally determine if things will work instead of actively making sure that they do. A promise is the foundation for a relationship. It is difficult, if not impossible, to put the foundation in after the house is built. Get married before you build the house or the house your building will most likely fall down.


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