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Do this in remembrance of me

I don't like going to church because it is full of hypocrites. Why should I go to church on Sunday, I don't get anything out of it? I don't need to go to church to be a Christian. Do these statements seem familiar?

Let's be honest, most people stop going to church because the hypocrisy they see in the lives of others reminds them too much of their own. Why are we surprised when we see hypocrisy in the church? Are we never hypocritical ourselves? We are to love our enemies and so should we not love hypocritical Christians who are just like us? Real hypocrisy is calling yourself a Christian and not be willing to die for the Church. Is that not what Jesus did?

Many people also struggle with the purpose of going to church because they get nothing out of it. The common response is that it is not what you get it is way you give. That is easy for some people to say but it does not fit with reality. Most people require real experiences to drive their hearts in worship. Being h…

Postmodern Certainty Part 2

Interpretation of the Bible requires humility and, as we discussed before, examining what Christians have believed throughout the centuries is a good way to check your own interpretation. Another consideration is the zeitgeist in which you live.

It seems that most people today know what their parents, or previous generations, did wrong but there seems to be little self reflection on what is wrong with our own generation. Society influences our decisions and also influences our biblical interpretations. Don't be surprised if your interpretation is strongly correlated to society's views on the same issues, but then maybe it is not previous generations that got it wrong?

Women's issues and homosexuality are predominant in the news and conversations in North America. These same issues are being discussed in the church and churches are dividing over them. Many "churches" based on the cultural ignorance of the times decide that we need to keep in step with current soci…

Don't Judge Me

How often have you heard someone say, "don't judge me!", or "it is not our place to judge?" This attitude is common in our society and is just as common in the church. As long as the person is not doing something to harm someone else then we should not do or say anything to them.

The Bible seems to be unclear when it comes to judging. For every verse that says, "who are you to judge your neighbor? (Jam. 4:12)", there is another verse that says, "is it not those inside the church whom you are to judge? (1 Cor. 5:12)" Our muddled thinking does not come from the Bible but from our understanding.

Not everything that is categorized as judging is judging. Warning someone that their behavior is destructive to themselves and those around them is called love. If someone is driving towards a cliff it is our duty to warn them that if they continue along that path they will indeed reap the consequences. "If anyone among you wanders from the truth …