Hall of Faith

Imagine yourself walking into a great hall of Heaven with millions upon millions of people line up on every side and all around.

The crowd rises and cheers as you make your way to your seat. The applause is thunderous and an energy is running through the crowd that you have never experienced as the presence of Unity is tangible. When you arrive to your seat nobody sits down and are still clapping. You go to lean over to the person next to you to ask why everybody is still clapping but they have tears in their eyes.  Suddenly the crowd grows silent in what seems to be eager expectation. Then as if He appeared from nowhere Jesus walks up and sits on the throne in the middle of the people and says, "you may not have been famous on earth but you are famous here." With that hundreds of people, one by one, walk up on the stage surrounding the throne and say thank you. Some you don't remember, some you only prayed for, some never even met, and others you devoted your life to, but all of them are overjoyed in finally being able to appreciate the sacrifices, thoughtfulness, and care of your life of faith. Everyone of them in some way or another would not have been the same without you. Instead of pride creeping in, you are humbled as you think of the impact they had on your life. As you sit there humbled by the display of thankfulness, you check to see what Jesus is doing. At first you don't know what He is thinking but with each story you see what looks to be a smile on His face. Not only that, tears begin to show in His eyes as He nods his head with each spoken word. When the stories have finished He gets up and starts walking your way. The emotional crowd transfixed by the stories being told quiets with every step that Jesus makes toward you. Like the sun coming up in the morning and revealing what is hidden in the darkness a light comes on in your mind and reveals the will of God in your life. Thankfulness overcomes you, falling to your knees and dissolving into tears, as Jesus finally reaches you. He grabs you by the shoulders, raises you up, and looks into your eyes. Like a father who is proud of his child He chokes out through tears, "well done," and hugs you. Then as if the whole crowd had one mind everyone raises their voice and shouts "Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing! (Rev. 5:12)"

Now, think about your life and what you are doing with it.Athletes who enter the Hall of Frame train their bodies for years. They never take a day off and continuously strive to be better than they were before. It is not that they have to, since they are already the best in the world, but they are still searching for more. Once they become professional athletes they have already attained everything that everybody else hopes for, so why do they keep going? Why not slack off on exercise or practice when you have already made it?

As Christians we have the same choice to make. We can coast through life and amass houses, cottages, cars, boats, accolades etc... or we can continue running the race, making the hard decisions, doing what is right even when it is going to turn out wrong, and continuing to persevere even though nobody notices or even cares. Most of us are unknown except to our family and friends. Nobody is going to have a banquet in our honor until maybe our funeral. Why do we keep on pressing ahead, disciplining, and giving of ourselves to others? It is not like we have to, we are still going to make it.

The sports hall of fame doesn't matter but God's hall of faith does. Someday I hope to be in the crowd clapping for the faith walk of other Christians: To hear and tell stories of those who trusted in God too much, if that were possible, and conquered. To hear valiant acts of faith from people who were unknown. To be proven wrong about people I misjudged. Famous Christians on earth may be unknown in Heaven. Wealthy Christians on earth may be poor in Heaven. Intelligent Christians on earth may be dumb in Heaven. It is not who we are on this earth, but is who we are in Heaven. May you enter the Hall of Faith.


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