Behind the Eyes

A fading smile shows the long miles. It is those wrinkles in the face that show the kind of race. What is behind those eyes, once you get passed the lies? Is it endless delights or sleepless nights? The smile appears but through how many tears. The smile disappears but for how many years.

One minute there is expectation and hope, but the churn of the stomach and the expectant "but" have you reaching for the life rope. It cannot be forgotten and cannot be wished out of existence like it's not going to happen. The march of reality sets in but living day to day lets you breath again.

Each moment can trigger a memory that brings you back to the start and reminds you of that burden in your heart. It is not the worst that could happen but it is the worst that has happened to you. When the fog clears and your eyes can see the path through the fear then the thoughts are not so near.

There is One who is in control as revealed to us in the Scroll. He demonstrated His love even though He now sits above. Can we trust He will really do what is best? Will He put us in a situation that will really put our faith to the test? Words can be offered and experiences shared but He is the only place we will find rest.

The eyes may grow tired from the flames of the fire but they must look forward to the reflection of His story which is to see His Glory.


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