Music, Movies and the Internet

Music is powerful. It makes children dance, comforts those who are down, and incites those who are angry. There is almost no one who does not like it. Music can be used for good or bad but you cannot deny its power. Knowing its power should be a warning to us that we ought to be careful. What sort of thoughts and ideas enter our minds with the music we are listening to? Many people say that you should only listen to music that is Christian, meaning music that is produced by people who claim to be Christian. Although this is a start, I don't think it goes far enough. Some "Christian" music is worse than music that is not because of the poor doctrine that it articulates. It does not matter so much who wrote the song but what the song is about. We need to be critical about the things we are listening because they are powerful and deceitful.

Movies combine both music and visual stimulation to tell a story. These stories are often if not always immoral. We often think it is an acceptable movie if there is no swearing or sex scenes. However, we rarely consider things like revenge, lying, or crude talk being unacceptable as well. Even more importantly are the sins that the actors/actresses are committing. A passionate kiss shared in a movie, although not a sex scene, is adultery between the actor and actress who are acting. Paying and watching adultery is sinful. Movies also depict situations that have very little to do with real life but often set our expectations. Showing only the best-of moments of life may leave us depressed with our own mundane lives. It may also lead to unrealistic expectations in our relationships. We need to be critical of the things we watch because they are powerful and deceitful.

The internet allows us to satisfy all of our desires immediately, be it music, movies or something else. The result is that we can give into our impulses at a moments notice. It also allows us to remove all traces of our behavior with a click of a mouse or the selection of a browser policy. Socializing on the internet can lead to false impressions of ourselves and other people. For example; Facebook can be used to present an unchallenged view of ourselves. We can delete any dissenting views from our wall or block people out of our lives that we don't like. We need to be critical of being able to do whatever we want because that leads to selfishness.

Music, movies, and the internet are not necessarily bad because they can also be used for good. This is not a call to stop watching movies, listening to music, or using the internet but it is a reminder that we need to be critical of what we are taking in with our senses especially when they are powerful, deceitful, and selfish. Just because there are people who frown on anything technological or resist change does not mean they are wrong in their assessment of the impact. TVs used to be called "sin boxes" but if you think about it they really are because most of what is on TV is sinful in one way or another (Even though there are lot of good things to). However, the world is also sinful and we cannot simply avoid it by crawling into a cave. Instead we need to be wise and understanding of the impact it has on us and act according to the principles God has set governing our lives. Let's think carefully about all that we do.


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