Revelation and the Costa Concordia

The book of Revelation, the last book in the bible, is a fascinating book. Its content is hard to interpret authoritatively, but certain messages come through loud and clear. As of late, it seems that Evangelicals are studying this book once again, whether it is reading books, bible studies, sermon series, blogs, or debates. This renewed interest in Revelation may simply be coincidence or it could be the Holy Spirit telling us something greater.

Revelation is about judgment and the West is ready for judgment. Abortion, sexual perversion, divorce, and greed are hallmarks of our society and all of them are detestable to God. Judgment is at the door. Our excess of food and our prosperous ease is taken for granted while our system of greed teeters on the brink of financial ruin. The ship is listing and it is not an electrical problem. What will happen when the ship rolls on its side?

Many think of the West as being civilized, where dialogue occurs rather than war. This may be the case when we are rich, but what will happen if we become poor and death's face is staring at us. Are we that far away from being barbarians or do riots after sporting events not count? Will the culture that does not put women and children first into life boats survive the chaos of a crumbling empire? We need to face the facts, we are all Schettinos!

There are two types of people in Revelation, those who through endurance conquer and those who are thrown into the lake of fire. Judgment will display the character of the West.


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