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The Fuhrer and the lambs

The cracks in the Evangelical Church are beginning to show. In the last year we have seen Evangelical's reject the doctrine of hell and claim the exact date of the second coming. These doctrinal deviations, however, are nothing compared to the widespread moral depravity that we see in the Church. Divorce rates and sex outside marriage are just as high in the Church as they are outside of the Church. Shame on us. We must realize, before it is too late, that changes need to be made in the Church.

Leadership in the Church is where the first changes need to start happening. Our current model, largely understood from a business perspective, is inadequate and does not match the pattern found in Scripture. To be fair, there is no clear model for church leadership in the Bible, but there are certain outcomes that we should expect if the model is working in practice; for example, why is it only the gift of "pastor" that gets a special designation? Are there not many members in th…