I was recently just at two funerals. One funeral was for a co-worker who committed suicide, the other funeral was for a 94 year old Grandmother who died from cancer. Having recently lost my Grandma, I have made it a habit to observe those who come and who do not come to a funeral. This is not so I hold it against them, but so that I can remember those who are faithful. However, it also tells me a lot about the people who did not come.

People usually go to funerals because they either know the person who died personally or because they know people who are very close to the person who died. It is a way to say that you loved the person who died and/or love the people who are close. Conversely, there are many more reasons why people do not go to funerals, such as, being out of town, not knowing, previous engagements, etc... The person who died will never know you did not go to their funeral, but those who are close are watching.

If you do not go to a funeral, except for some rare circumstances, you are really saying that whatever else was going on for you is more important than that person and the people who care about them. "The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning, but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth (Ecc. 7:4)."


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